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Increase international revenues upto 7% by cutting currency conversion costs.

Benchmark historic costs.

Negotiate better terms.

Track uptick in cash flow.

Trusted by more than 50 companies

"Businesses globally lose $120 Billion due to uncompetitive exchange rates"

"Businesses in US globally lose $5 Billion due to uncompetitive exchange rates"

"Businesses in UK globally lose £8 Billion due to uncompetitive exchange rates"

"Businesses in Canada globally lose $4 Billion due to uncompetitive exchange rates"

"Businesses in India globally lose ₹13,600 crores due to uncompetitive exchange rates"






Benchmark historic costs

Accurately establish cash leakages caused by uncompetitive exchange rates on past transactions

Compare charges faced by your firm against similarly sized firms

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We don’t just analyze ... we fix the problem

Get competitive counteroffers from banks and fintechs

Easily implement new payment terms and systems

Forecast the target improvement in your cash inflows and outflows

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Calculate the cash flow improvements

Benchmark actual improvements against forecasts

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See how our customers are finding Spotlight

We have been working with Spotlight and Co for almost a year now and they do not fail to deliver extremely focused results. Spotlight helped us to reduce our forex cost to a large extent and continuously assist us to control the same on a systematic basis. We would highly recommend their services.

- Fathima Unaiza

We are happy with the services of Spotlight for bringing in substantial reduction of forex transaction costs.

- Ganesh BJ

Automate transaction cost optimization processes through one single platform

Start saving on excess transaction costs

Data security

We protect your data with 256 bit encryption, just like your banks do, so that your transactional data is always protected.


Spotlight's financial institutions are the same ones used by Fortune500 firms. Each of our partners processes >$500M in FX daily, and are the bellwether watermarks in the payments industry.

Powered by AI

Our analytical solutions are AI-driven, offering unparalleled and highly scalable auditing capabilities.

Start saving in 72 hours

We can turn around your FX cost structure from start to finish within as little as 72 hours.

Everything you need to optimize your transaction costs

Our key focus industries

IT/ Outsourcing

We help IT services /BPO firms collect revenues more efficiently, and manage global expenses more prudently.

IP/ Licencing

We help IP/trademark law firms maintain healthy foreign associate relationships, so they can better service their clients

Software platforms

We help SaaS companies reduce frictions in collecting international revenues, and boost their growth rates

We have analysed over $500 million worth of transctions and saved our clients over $1.5 million.