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How It Works

If you want to negotiate with your financial institution to get better savings, you need to first find out how much you have been losing, get access to better deals, and be able to ensure that the promised deals are being honored. We do all of this for you.


We have engineered the world’s first AI-driven system that calculates historic forex losses


We procure bids on our marketplace from the best banks in the world, without sacrificing your privacy


We offer the world’s simplest treasury management system, for clients of all sizes

Upload Data

Upload basic transactional data for our AI system to analyze and benchmark the exchange rates you currently receive from your Financial Institution.


Validate transactional data files with our automated validator, with our expert success team on hand to assist if needed.


Our revolutionary AI-powered audit system uses powerful statistical models and machine learning, seeded by the domain expertise of some of the world’s top payments experts, to estimate your bank premiums, and benchmark them against your competitors.

Bank bids

Choose from various payment providers aggressively vying for your business on our marketplace to gain access to the best rate for your FX transactions.

The First-Price-Sealed-Bid auction gets the best possible deals from banks.

Our marketplace includes private and public sector banks

Our marketplace anonymizes client details, so client information is always protected


Use our simple treasury system to confirm that your exchange rates are compliant with what was promised, and your savings are recorded for future reference.

Confirm whether you are paying the right rate (no more teaser rates!)

Track how much you have saved – on a live basis!

Evaluate any type of transaction – cash, spot, forward, etc.

>50 Clients. > $1.5M Saved. Don’t trust us? Get a free diagnostic.